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A travel blog for those who are interested in travelling to Romania. So, pack your stuff and let’s set out on a journey. The Homepage welcomes us with five most recent posts about Romanian travel destinations. Scrolling down we can see four important facts about Romania, in numbers. After that, we get into the three main categories of the website and their subcategories. Each subcategory portrays a representative image and a title. Furthermore, if we click on a subcategory, we will be taken to a blog-like page with all the articles from that subcategory. Alternatively, we can use the main header or the footer to navigate through the main categories and their subcategories.



Creating an online bridge for taking those who are curios to visit Romania a step closer to actually visiting it.



The accent colour of this website is violet. The backgrounds and the header are white, in an effort to make the pictures stand out.



The main header contains three pages and two drop-down menus. The About us page displays the story of this blog, the team and tells us who is Kiara Yew. The Contact page shows some contact information (phone, e-mail address and social networks) and a map that is centred on Bucharest, Romania. The two drop-downs feature “Top Destinations” and “Useful”. Under the first one we can find subcategories of articles sorted by the name of the region. Under the second one we can find tips and tricks for visiting Romania and other interesting stories.



Being a blog, it is crucial to convince your visitors to share as much as they can from your blog. We integrated Facebook on the sidebar of each subcategory and article, so that users could easily hit the like and share buttons directly from the article page. Adding the Pinterest save button is also a feature that generates awareness for our brand on this social network. Other Pinterest users might find the saved image and visit our website (free online advertising).

We all know that Facebook is a great resource for getting free traffic on your website, but what about Pinterest? Do you think that Pinterest can bring a significant number of website visitors?