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Let’s sit down and relax, because we are going to discuss about a website for psychology services. Carmen asked for my help to create a presentation website, a mix of technical, emotion and professionalism. I admit it was a challenge! It is not easy to work with a psychologist :), so I invite you to access, to see the end result. The Homepage begins with a picture of Carmen on the left and a post slider on the right (showing the last five posts). Scrolling down we see the question: “Why myself?”. After this, we see three unique selling propositions that will take us to the About, Services’, or Contact page. Next on the Homepage we can se three excerpts of the three most recent articles.



Make the users feel like they are listening to a psychologist, not reading from a monitor. Inspire peace, unity and friendship.



This website uses a shade of blue as an accent colour. The white background suggests a clean look that is meant to relax the user.



The main header contains five pages, one being also a drop-down. The About page presents the psychologist and her experience. The Services’ page contains all the services and it is also a drop-down menu (which helps the users go directly to the service they need). The Blog page contains articles related to psychology. They are divided into several categories that can be switched from the sidebar. The Contact page contains contact info (like phone number, e-mail address and social networks) and a map that takes us to the psychologist’s office.



Apart from being a presentation website for psychological services, it also has a blog. The blog helps keeping users engaged both on the actual website and on the social network. Likewise, the blog articles contain many keywords that help the website appear more often in Google search. The blog can increase brand credibility by allowing potential customers to ask questions directly on the website.

Building blogs take time and effort. Do you think it is worth it on the long run? Do you think a blog can actually bring more clients to you?