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My name is Cosmin Șerban and I have a passion for Web Design, Graphic Design and scrambled eggs. I worked as a consultant at Google Digital Garage and now I work as an
Online Marketing Specialist for Huawei and Telekom Romania. See my CV on LinkedIn and let’s connect!



“Imagination is the limit!”


Unite all creatives on the same street, One Graphic Street.



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  • Windows/Mac OS 90% 90%
  • Office (Excel, Word, Power Point, Outlook) 65% 65%
  • GSuite (Sheets, Docs, Slides, Gmail) 80% 80%


  • Google Search Console 90% 90%
  • Google my Business (Google Maps) 90% 90%
  • SEMrush 65% 65%


  • Google Analytics 70% 70%
  • Google Tag Manager 60% 60%
  • Hotjar 80% 80%


  • Google Ads 70% 70%
  • Facebook Ads 70% 70%
  • Google Merchant Center 60% 60%

Other Platforms:

  • WordPress 90% 90%
  • Google Optimize (A/B Testing) 70% 70%
  • Hootsuite 70% 70%

Programming languages:

  • HTML 80% 80%
  • CSS 65% 65%
  • JavaScript 50% 50%


Summer of 2015|

After just one year of economic studies at university I decided that I needed something more challenging. That is how started to learn Graphic Design. I began with Photoshop and Illustrator. It took about a year to fully comprehend them, but now I use them almost daily. If you want to discover some excellent resources for learning Graphic Design, read my article on “How to Learn Graphic Design? – Sources of Inspiration“.

Late 2015|

After 5 months of using Photoshop and Illustrator I found my first clients. I designed logos and flyers for some friends. It was easy, unpaid, but I gained experience. New challenges were looming at the horizon.

October 2016|

After a long period of practicing and helping friends I got myself some bigger projects at the university, as a volunteer (still unpaid). I was a volunteer in the marketing department of an NGO, being the Creative Director. At that time, I had enough projects to build up a portfolio. This is what it looked: Graphic Design Portfolio. I used this portfolio to promote myself and get more clients, perhaps some that were willing to pay me. I actually met a few, but they asked for graphics for their websites. They refused to work with me unless I had experience in working with websites.

December 2016|

One Graphic Street emerged at the request of some clients to do more than Graphic Design, they wanted Web Design.

I struggled to find a name that would cover both Graphic and Web Design. I searched and searched and kept searching until I found the name “graphic street”. Unfortunately, the domain name graphicstreet.com was taken. So, I just added “one” in front of the name. This is how I got onegraphicstreet.com.

That was the easy part (finding a domain name, hosting and setting up WordPress). Now I had to learn how to use the power of WordPress to build the website. In no more than 3 weeks I had a fully functional WordPress website that was displaying all my projects. This was what made me abandon the pdf version of my portfolio.

April 2017|

I got my first big client, an IT Company that needed me to build the website for a prestigious college (this was paid). If you are curious to find out how much a Graphic or Web Designer earns, read my article on “What is the Income of a Graphic Designer“.

Summer 2017|

I graduated the Faculty of Marketing with a 10 on my thesis: “Design and Development of Online Marketing Strategy for an NGO”. I basically designed a website for this purpose. Likewise, I got an internship at Google Digital Garage as an Online Marketing Consultant.

Autumn 2018|

After building almost a dozen online strategies (including the websites) I realised that my website did not have enough visitors. So, I decided to publish One Graphic Street on social media. That is how I created its Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube accounts. If you want more clients and don’t know where to start, read my article on “Lead Generation through Online and Offline Promotion Techniques“.

Now I am planning to create tutorials for Web Designers and clients who want to know more about Online Marketing.

Winter 2018|

It seems that additional exposure on social media has led to new opportunities. The specialty articles on online marketing and the website won job offers from a number of companies. One of them was Telekom Romania. Thereby, with tears in my eyes, I decided to leave Google Digital Garage (the project that polished my digital marketing skills and soft skills). In other words, I made the move from SME’s and startups to corporations. I got the job at Telekom, as an Online Marketing Specialist, in the week of Black Friday. I got myself in the middle of a battle between Romania’s telecommunications giants. It was a tough period, but the training from the previous job helped me cope with the challenge. Unlike the businesses that I worked with before, www.telekom.ro is a website with thousands of active pages and many acquisition flows. Likewise, the site is so large, there are more specialists dealing with various parts of it. Each of us should be able to easily switch between the website’s sections and manage them. As far as I’m concerned, at Telekom I am dealing with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and tracking (monitoring the activities that the consumers make on the site).

Spring 2019|

I can say that I never had so many trainings like I had in this period. It is true that most of them were offered by Google Romania, some by Google Digital Garage and some by Facebook. I gained valuable insights for my day-to-day work at Telekom, as well as new trends from the digital world.

Summer 2019|

I presented my dissertation thesis at The Faculty of Marketing from ASE, with the title: Mobile Marketing (Case Study). Specifically, my dissertation thesis was about design and development of a mobile app for the faculty. So, I explored another branch of marketing, namely mobile marketing.

Autumn 2019|

The beginning of Autumn 🍁 was full of preparations for campaigns like Back2School or BlackFriday 2019. At the same time I was bombarded with offers from multinationals that operate in different industries. I was attracted by Huawei’s job opportunity. It implies working in a multi-cultural environment and going on business trips. I accepted the challenge and I will start working for the Chinese comapany from January 2020. However, I will still work for Telekom Romania on demand.

January 2020|

The new year was full of dramatic changes. I stepped into one of the tallest buildings in Romania, where my new headquarters is. As expected, the tech giant offers many opportunities. HUAWEI, as a company, is full of experts from all over the world. The level of information one new employee has to comprehend is breath-taking.

March 2020|

Spring came with a terrible event, the COVID-19 outbreak. Honestly, this stopped me from posting my tutorials. I recorded a few hours for an SEO training that did not make it to the streaming platforms. Also, I recorded a few hours for a web design training. This one has a poor quality and it deserves some major changes. Coming back to the pandemic, this meant that work-from-home became mandatory. So, I shifted my attention from creating content to acquiring new skills (in other words, consuming content).

Summer 2020|

During spring and summer I took 4 courses on Udemy. The topics: WordPress Developement, SQL Databases, Automation (bot-programming) and Web Design with CSS and SASS. They all helped by making my day-to-day work more efficient. Personally, I believe that in such times, the best thing you can do is to polish your skills. Jobs are already scarce and companies around the world began restructuring their personnel.

Autumn 2020|

To be continued.

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