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My name is Cosmin Șerban and I have a passion for Web Design, Graphic Design and scrambled eggs. I was a consultant at Google Digital Garage and now I work as an Online Marketing Specialist for Telekom Romania. See my CV on LinkedIn and let’s connect!



“Imagination is the limit!”


Unite all creatives on the same street, One Graphic Street.



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Summer of 2015|

After just one year of economic studies at university I decided that I needed something more challenging. That is how started to learn Graphic Design. I began with Photoshop and Illustrator. It took about a year to fully comprehend them, but now I use them almost daily. If you want to discover some excellent sources for learning Graphic Design, read my article on “How to Learn Graphic Design? – Sources of Inspiration“.

Late 2015|

In about 5 months of practicing Photoshop and Illustrator I had my first clients. I designed logos and flyers for some friends. It was easy, unpaid, but I gained experience and was soon looking for new challenges.

October 2016|

After a long period of practicing and helping friends I got myself some bigger projects at the university, as a volunteer (still unpaid). I was a volunteer in the marketing department of an NGO, being the Creative Director. At that time, I had enough projects to build up a portfolio. This is what it looked: Graphic Design Portfolio. I used this portfolio to promote myself and get more clients, perhaps some that were willing to pay me. I actually met a few, but they wanted graphics for their websites and they refused to work with me unless I had experience in working with websites.

December 2016|

One Graphic Street emerged at the request of some clients to do more than Graphic Design, they wanted Web Design.

I struggled to find a name that would cover both Graphic and Web Design. I searched and searched and kept searching until I found the name “graphic street”. Unfortunately, the domain name is taken. So, I just added “one” in front of the name. This is how I got

That was the easy part (finding a domain name, hosting and setting up WordPress). Now I had to learn how to use the power of WordPress to build the website. In no more than 3 weeks I had a fully functional WordPress website that was showing all my projects. This was what made me abandon the pdf version of my portfolio.

April 2017|

I got my first big client, an IT Company that wanted me to do the website for a prestigious college (this was paid). If you are curious to find out how much a Graphic or Web Designer earns, read my article on “What is the Income of a Graphic Designer“.

Summer 2017|

I graduated the Faculty of Marketing with a 10 on my thesis: “Design and Development of Online Marketing Strategy for an NGO”. I basically designed a website for this purpose. Likewise, I got an internship at Google Digital Garage as an Online Marketing Consultant.

Autumn 2018|

After building almost a dozen online strategies (including the websites) I realised that my website did not have enough visitors. So, I decided to publish One Graphic Street on social media. That is how I created its Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube accounts. If you want more clients and don’t know where to start, read my article on “Lead Generation through Online and Offline Promotion Techniques“.

Now I am planning to create tutorials for Web Designers and clients who want to know more about Online Marketing.

Spring 2019|

To be continued.

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