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Try to give an answer to the question at the end of the case study!



ACROBATiKA is a gymnastics and acrobatics centre in Bucharest. They asked for a dynamic and playful website that would be attractive for all age categories. The Homepage has a video background which shows a glimpse of the activities that one can do at this sports centre. If we scroll down, we will get directly to the footer, because apart from the video background, the brand name and two buttons taking to the main categories, there is nothing else. So, on the Homepage we have to choose between activities for adults or children. From there, we will browse only through the activities that might be interesting for ourselves.



Attract people of all ages to the sports centre and offer them an easy way to subscribe online.



The mix of orange and blue navy stimulates movement and elegance. The colour combination can be associated with the boys and girls that come to the sports centre. Orange for girls and blue for boys.



The website has five main pages and a drop-down in the primary menu. The About us page contains the story of those who founded the sports centre. The drop-down contains the two main categories: activities for adults and children. Those also have three and four categories, respectively. The internal rules page displays all the rules that apply when we are at the centre. The Schedule page shows the schedule of al classes. Lastly, the Contact page portrays a map which shows us the way towards the sports centre and some contact details.



This website has an online form that would otherwise have to be filled in by customers when they come to the sports centre for the first time. In this way, they will save time and avoid queues.

Do you think it is a good idea to ask customers to fill in an online subscription form, although they would fill it in at the sports centre anyway? Can this method improve the process or annoy your customers?