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Words and Shapes of the Brand Identity

Katy`s Cakes Logo – Katy`s Cakes is a confectionery the sells all sorts of sweets, cakes and cookies. The first thing that came to mind when thinking at a confectionery was a muffin. As you can see, the logo is half the name and half the topping of a sweet muffin. The bottom half has a curved shape that outlines the bottom of the muffin. Although it looks alluring, the letters of the logo are readable and representative. Without considering the shape of a muffin, the word “CAKES” is a good reference to a confectioner’s shop.



The main colour of the brand is blue, hence it had to be part of the primary version of the logo. The same version needed a second colour that would blend well with blue, make the logo pop and resemble a muffin. That is why the logo contains that shade of pink, combined with a shade of light blue. Of course, the same version looks good on both white and black backgrounds, without changing the shade of blue from the words.


Unique Selling Proposition of the Concept

The logo reflects the core values of the brand, namely selling fresh cakes and other goodies. Its dazzling colours and the words “KATY`S CAKES” are meant to catch your eye and stimulate you to crave for one of the delicious muffins. Nonetheless, the brand identity says that Katy’s sweets can only be bought from Katy`s Cakes Confectionery.


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