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Words and Shapes of the Brand Identity

BGM Events Logo – The company named BGM Events organises musical events and shows for the corporate environment. The logo is made of the acronym “BGM”, a microphone that completes the letter “G” and the word “EVENTS”. The big letters are over-bolded and challenge the eye to think at a concert hall, whilst the microphone calls for an artist. The word under is written in italic and helps the brand to convey integrity and respect. Such qualities are the most wanted by companies that are looking for ways to entertain their employees.



The version which goes well on white or any legal documents uses two colours, navy blue and black respectively. This colours, once again, outline the trustworthiness of the organiser and inspire the desire to turn off the lights and enjoy some good quality music.

By the opposite, the version that looks well on black is used on social media. The colours are a bright shade of blue and white. The bright colours on a dark background are meant to make the brand identity pop when the organiser announces an event on social networks.


Unique Selling Proposition of the Concept

The brand identity does not only highlight the sound of greatness, but also a touch of sincerity. A professional concept can gain the trust of sponsors, partners, suppliers and more. Notwithstanding, the logo catches the eye of both employers and employees who are looking for a way to relax.


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