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Words and Shapes of the Brand Identity

AMA Logo – AMA`s is a catering company from Pakistan that aims to deliver its fresh products as fast and as careful as possible. The conditions of the delivery are crucial for this company, hence the symbol chosen is an eagle. The eagle represents supremacy in the birds heraldry, as well as speed and reliability. The “M” letter is depicted through the wings of the eagle. The two letters of “A” are opposing each other to display a mirror effect and to add to the symmetry of the eagle`s wings. The two letters can also be perceived as the soldiers of the eagle who make sure that the food arrives in time and in impeccable condition.


The primary version of the logo uses a dark shade of red that can also be seen as brown. Red is often used by Fast-Food restaurants because it resembles food and it increases the appetite. Likewise, a dark red colour portrays cooked food, whilst bright red and yellow represent Fast-Food restaurants which serve semi-prepared meals. It is also worth mentioning that darker colours outline integrity. This quality is needed when working with other companies.

Unique Selling Proposition of the Concept

The overall concept is an assurance to the final consumer that the quality of the meals is safe and they will arrive in time. The identity conveys power and authority over the other catering brands. Last but not least, the “M” shape of the eagle catches the eye of any Pakistani company that looks for speed and reliability when it comes to large meals.

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