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Words and Shapes of the Brand Identity

La Moldoveanca Logo – This is yet another confectioner’s shop that also sells backery products. The brand calls for preserving the customs of the region of Moldavia. Thereby, the font is handwritten in order to resemble the old taverns of the Moldavian territory. Above the text we can see the bust of a young Moldavian woman. The Moldavian women are notorious for their excellent cooking and baking skills. By the same token, we can also refer to the secret receipes that these women use to bake the most delicious cakes. As a result, this concept addresses especially to those clients who are interested in good quality food products, made by the old recipe.



The colour for the primary version of this logo is brown. This colour is used to depict tradition and to remind of the times when baking resumed to a small kitchen and two extremely skillful hands of a woman. The other version of this brand uses a bright orange and it looks good on dark backgrounds. This colour was chosen especially for social media, so as to make the identity stand out from the others.


Unique Selling Proposition of the Concept

The logo is made to represent the preservation of the baking tradition from the villages of Moldavia that was brought to the urban areas of the country. Hence, the brand identity contains all the ingredients necessary to overshadow the competition that forgot to abide by the old customs.


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