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EduMarket is an e-mall or virtual mall, that focuses on personal development courses. It addresses both children and adults. This type of service requires detailed customer documentation before enrolling in one of the offered courses. The representatives of the brand considered that would need SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We also considered that a WordPress blog should have been created to tell about the services offered, for those who have not yet made their mind and want to find out more. The blog should be simple, easy to navigate and use.


This blog aims to help potential clients who are interested in developing themselves, to choose the right activities for themselves and their children. The primary goal is to gain their trust and turn them into customers. A secondary objective would be to communicate with potential clients through the comment box at the end of each article. This increases consumer confidence and strengthens brand authority.


This blog has two basic colors: purple for the active page in the menu and the secondary menu, and a pale pink for the background of the homepage


The main menu contains blog categories, homepage, brand information, subscription to newsletter and contact. The home page is made up of the latest blog posts from all categories (latest news about personal development).


This blog has a single special feature, namely: the newsletter subscription page. Thereby, customers who are interested can submit their first name and email address to receive news about the services offered or other interesting things related to the topic.

Question: Why do you think it’s good to help other people, for free, to make choices in an area that you are good?