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Words and Shapes of the Brand Identity

Scallo-P Logo – This identity was originally created as a social media profile picture. The letter “S” is the first letter of the brand name, “Scallo-P”. The brand name itself refers to a product that comes from Japan which is used for cleaning fruits and vegetables of chemicals. The motto of the company is: “Health comes from Japan”. So, the brand identity must be simple, suggestive, easy to remember and clean for being appropriate as a social media profile picture. This product is new on the Romanian market, so the entire name of the brand has to be included in the long version of the brand identity. Keep in mind that the target audience is formed of people who are interested in living healthy. This is why a simple and mild identity would be better than a crazy, edgy, colourful, screaming logo.



The long version of the logo is dark grey, except from the first letter, the “S”, which is green. The bright green of the letter “S” make the customers associate it with the exact one that is used as a profile picture on all social media accounts. Why this bright green? Because we are talking about an organic product that is used for cleaning pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables, and it targets people who are interested in living healthy. The colour that is the most associated with health and life is green. Green is also popular when we refer to nature and Scallo-P is actually an alkaline powder obtained from shell shells, so it comes from nature.


Why is the long version of the logo 90% dark grey and 10% bright green? Is there any meaning in it? Actually it is up to the imagination of everyone who sees it. Some might say that the grey colour symbolises the chemicals that are at the surface of our fruits and vegetables. Others my understand that the 10% green refers to the percentage of organic products that we eat daily. The actual purpose of this colour disequilibrium was to make the first letter pop and to promote it as an identity on social media.


Unique Selling Proposition of the Concept

Life is simple, why should we make it complicated? People who live complicated lives usually do not live healthy. People who are closer to mother nature usually respond better to simple ideas that can improve their well-being and the well-being of their dear one’s. They tend to live a more relaxed life, so they keep all the crazy stuff at bay. That is the main reason why this brand identity is the most appropriate for this company and its target audience.


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