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TIM Services is a site that offers various services for companies. It was built around risk analysis services. However, there are other types of services that companies prefer to outsource. For example, labour safety and health (SSM), emergency situations (US) or fire prevention and extinction (PSI). Therefore, a new page was needed on the site, which would include the new services. The design should be simple, first show the benefits of working with TIM Services and then provide more details.


This project aims to expand a portfolio of services and at the same time to integrate with the rest of the offer.


The new page must respect the existing color palette. It is based on light and dark gray shades and a green shade for active menu pages. Also, the images are darker for a contrast that is closer to the color palette. It would have been ideal for the images to be black and white, but it was necessary to have colored images for the firefighting services. The color of the respective images has a greater impact on potential customers than the gray color palette.


The site is divided into five main areas: Home, Services, About, Portfolio and Contact. The most suitable place for the new page is under the second heading. However, the service menu has two links that direct customers directly to the two services on the page: SSM and SU or PSI.


The page itself has no special features, but the site has a Facebook icon, which sends customers to the Facebook page. There, they can see the latest news and offers from TIM Services.

Question: Do you think it’s good to send your website traffic to the Facebook page?