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One Graphic Street Logo – This logo is meant to represent the entire content of this website. The circular shape represents the rounded letter “O”, which stands for “one”. This word is used to illustrate professionalism.  The most obvious letter expressed by the logo is “G”. This comes from “graphic” and portrays the core of the brand. Moreover, the word “street” is depicted by the sign indicator, that is part of the letter “G”. The sign shape is meant to show “the way”. There are many graphic designers, freelancers and agencies, but not so many agree to share their portfolio and ideas with the world. Hence, they tend to lose credibility. This logo backs them up, showing everyone the way to what graphic design means and its various areas and nuances.



The primary concept uses red to make the logo stand out. Red is a primary colour and it is oftenly used by graphic designers. Red can also be an alarm sign that something is not right. The brand itself has the purpose of educating the market and the future graphic designers. Therefore, the red in the logo is a signal to stop by and pick up some ideas.

The secondary concept uses white to make the logo look good on black backgrounds. The white colour illustrates transparency and willingness to share with other visitors of common interest. It can also be understood as a flag of peace between clients who are afraid of hiring unexperienced freelancers and freelancers afraid of working for unreliable clients (new clients). The visual identity proposes a common ground for both sides and encourages them to work together. Last but not least, white is a stylish colour that can also evoke luxury when used over darker colours.



The brand identity rises above the others by showing the way and by bringing everyone on the street that shares the passion about graphic design. The value does not lie in the number “one” or the street sign, but in the word “graphic” that can be understood in so many ways. Therefore, the concept also lets room for interpretation.


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