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Question at the end of the case study!


Energy Vita is a therapist’s business offering massage and therapy services, psycho-energy harmonization sessions, health assessment and medical recovery. Also, on the website we can find products. The items are presented in a catalog of therapeutic and nutrition supplements. The old WordPress theme of the site didn’t allow for a longer snippet to preview blog posts. In addition, the old header occupied more vertical space.


The purpose of this project is to improve the user experience (UX) on the site. Secondary goals are changing the WordPress theme, shortening the header, and expanding the preview snippet for articles.


Changing the theme involves keeping the color palette of the old interface. The accent color is green (the background of the secondary menu in the header, the footer, the buttons and the active links in the menu).


The site is divided into six main sections: Home, About, Services, Products, Blog and Contact. The About, Services, Products and Blog sections are drop-down menus, which contain links to the subcategories of the site.


This website has two special features: automatic newsletters with blog news and a feedback button. The email input form has the function of sending a notification to the client by email when a new blog article is posted. The feedback button collects the opinions of consumers who visit the site, waits for approval from the site administrator and then automatically uploads them to the testimonials page.

Question: Why do you think it’s okay to ask consumers for feedback and then upload it to the site?