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Out of all the capitals of Europe, my favourite is Copenhagen. Why? Because I felt it from the first day I got there. I think it had something to do with the clean air, or the impeccable and refurbished old architecture. Dive in the splendid capital of Denmark by getting the free Windows 10 theme at the end of this article.

Rosenborg Castle Photo

King's gardens and Rosenborg castle in the back.
Shot with Samsung Galaxy S8. Adjusted in Lightroom. 

One of the most beautiful garden I have ever seen is here, in front of Rosenborg Castle. This place is also known as “King’s Gardens”. Inside, the castle is full of medieval history and really nice furniture. If you are curious to see how things were in Denmark a few hundred years ago, this is the place to go. 

Imaginary corridor of trees taking to Rosenborg Castle
Shot with Samsung Galaxy S8. Adjusted in Lightroom.

This photo shows an imaginary corridor created by trees. The alley takes you to Rosenborg Castle and King’s Gardens.

St. Alban’s Church Photo

Anglican church built in Gothic Revival Style
Shot with Samsung Galaxy S8. Adjusted in Lightroom.

This place is absolutely magical, especially at sunset. In the distance we can see an Anglican church, built in Gothic Revival Style. The photo takes you to a very different age. If you walk past the church, by the water, you will find the statue of The Little Mermaid. It is a bronze statue that depicts a famous fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen. 

Tivoli Amusement Park Photos

Amusement park with boats, carousels and the tallest lift in Europe.
Shot with Samsung Galaxy S8. Adjusted in Lightroom.

My favourite place in Copenhagen is definitely Tivoli. It is the biggest amusement park in Scandinavia. So big that it has a hotel, because you will need more than one day to explore it. This picture portrays the parks’ toughest ride in the park on the left and the biggest lift in Europe (80 meters) on the right. In the middle of the photo we have an attraction with boats for children. 

Pirate boat restaurant in Tivoli Amusement Park
Shot with Samsung Galaxy S8. Adjusted in Lightroom.

By far the coolest place I dined in Copenhagen was on a pirate ship from Tivoli. We were served with rum in skull-shaped glasses by waiters dressed in pirates. The food was worthy of a pirate. If you are a fan of Jack Sparrow, you must go to “Pirateriet”. However, you must be aware that pirates are still pirates and they charge a high price for food and booze. 

Copenhagen Water Drop Photo

Copenhagen blurred photo
Shot with Samsung Galaxy S8. Adjusted in Lightroom.

The weather in Copenhagen changes very fast. When I woke up, the sun was shining. I ate something and when I looked out the window, it was raining. Please take an umbrella or a waterproof jacket if you visit Scandinavia.

Copenhagen Architecture Photo

Copenhagen medieval architecture.
Shot with Samsung Galaxy S8. Adjusted in Lightroom.

The streets of Copenhagen take you back in time a few hundred years. The church in the photo is called Nikolaj Church. The red bricks give off a medieval vibe.

Nyhavn Photo

Photography with Nyhavn docks
Shot with Samsung Galaxy S8. Adjusted in Lightroom.

One of the most famous places in Copenhagen is Nyhavn. The place is full of restaurants of all sorts and beautiful architecture. The prices are decent, but high if you compare them to the rest of Europe.

My Favourite Photo from Copenhagen

Shot with Samsung Galaxy S8. Adjusted in Lightroom.

Nyhavn was once a bustling dock, now it is a perfect place for tourists. We had to wait somewhere around 15 minutes in a queue and ask someone to take us a picture. Now that I look back, I would say it was worth the wait.

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